Nature Experiences

Come meet your guardian elf

In Finnish mythology, the Earth Guardian is an elf – haltia – that protects all life. Come meet your guardian elf in the Nuuksio lake highlands. Experience the clean and tranquil nature with all your senses.

Finnish forests are a national treasure, and exploring these immensely diverse woodlands and their dozens of lakes and ponds is an experience that lets you get to the very heart of this treasure, whether you make your way on foot, by fatbike, on skis, or by water. Did you know that you can find a cave painting of a moose by a prehistoric Espoo artist just 4 km from our Pitkäjärvi lakeside?

Break free from your routines and restore your spirits by joining us for a guided nature experience! We know Nuuksio's most amazing destinations, such as the magical round Vähä Romlampi pond - and we'll take you there!

Want to rent a tent, snowshoes, backpack, fatbike or something else?

For camping gear, see here.

For easy pick-up, your gear is delivered to the Finnish Nature Center Haltia info desk next door. 

Hiking routes are well marked in the terrain to help you traverse the vast network of trails on your own. Or if you just want to lay low or your mobility is limited, there is plenty to do and experience just by the hotel. We will make sure your stay is memorable and leaves you feeling fully restored!

Nuuksio meeting

Take a step back from your busy life – just 30 minutes from bustling Helsinki. Discover the true nature of your business and step into the heart of the Nuuksio lake highlands where the resident woodland spirits watch over you.

NOOX, the first proven name for the Nuuksio region, lives on in the name of our hotel’s NOOX meeting room.