Terms & conditions

Accommodation reservations

These terms are applied to singular bookings, unless a special accommodation agreement has been made with Haltia Lake Lodge. For example, if three (3) rooms are booked for two (2) nights (six (6) nights in total), the following booking terms will apply according to the chosen pricing term. These terms will also be applied to bookings made through Haltia Lake Lodge website.

1. Booking and confirmation

When you make a booking you must state your name, home address, arrival and departure dates, and payment method. The booking is binding when it has been confirmed orally, in writing or for example via email, and when you have received a booking reference number. The hotel can set a variety of conditions to the booking, i.e., require the payment of the retainer or confirming the booking with a credit card to ensure the validity of the booking.

2. Arrival and departure

Check-in is available from 3pm on the date of your arrival. Check-out must be completed by 12pm on the day of your departure. The hotel can have varied check-in and check-out times. For safety reasons only the employees and checked-in guests can have access to rooms and other reserved areas. The maximum capacity set for rooms and other areas must not be exceeded. We require that all bookings are secured with a valid credit card by 6pm the day before your arrival. After this we will hold the reservation only for a retainer. If the payment of the retainer has not been completed by the deadline, we will release the reservation. If you arrive to the hotel according to the check-in times but the reserved room is not ready, the hotel is obliged to offer a corresponding accommodation from the closest area available without additional fees.

3. Booking guaranty

All bookings must be guaranteed using a credit card during the booking process*. To guarantee the booking you must state your credit card information during the confirmation. Bookings made by phone or via email are guaranteed using a secure link. Credit card details are automatically encrypted when stored into our booking software. We do not accept credit card details by phone or via email. Alternatively billing customers can guarantee their booking using company details only if the company in question has been granted a billing permission. As an alternative to securing the booking by credit card or company details Haltia Lake Lodge has the right to require either a partial or full retainer to secure the booking. A retainer and payment schedule will always be agreed with the customer in writing prior to their stay. *The hotel has the right to authorize a credit card for a set amount.

4. Cancellation and non-arrivals

If nothing else is agreed during the booking or there are no other terms applied to either the chosen price or booking date, the cancellation must be done by 6pm the day before your arrival. Bookings cancelled after 6pm local time will be charged a cancellation fee equal to one (1) night’s accommodation, unless other pricing terms are applied (i.e., non-refundable). In case of non-arrival, the hotel has the right to charge you for one night’s accommodation including taxes and other possible additional fees included in the booking.

5. Early departure

If you are leaving before the agreed date, you must notify the hotel by 4pm the day before your departure. If you have a booking for multiple nights, you are required to pay for the whole stay. An early departure might also cause a change in the total price of your stay.

6. Payment

Haltia Lake Lodge accept the most common credit cards (American Express, Visa and Mastercard amex, Visa and Mastercard). We do not accept cash. The hotel is not obliged to accept foreign currency, coupons, cheques or credit cards that have not been confirmed to be acceptable beforehand. If a room has not been paid for before arrival, payment must be done upon arrival to the hotel via a credit card. During the check-in process the hotel will charge the full price of your stay from the credit card added to your booking. In addition, the hotel reserves the right to charge the customer for any un-notified purchases or damages related to accommodation using the credit card linked to the booking.

7. Etiquette

We abide by good etiquette and regulations at the hotel. If you do not abide by these regulations, you are subject to be removed from the premises. In case of removal from the premises you must pay for your accommodation and the additional services you ordered and cannot apply for a refund. For safety reasons only guests who have checked in have access to rooms and other reserved areas. The maximum capacity of rooms and other areas must not be exceeded. As a customer you are liable for any damages done on purpose or by negligence to the hotel. This applies to the hotel room, common areas and furniture or equipment and other guests at the hotel or their possessions. Additionally, you are liable for yourself, your guests and pets while staying at the hotel. Smoking in the room will be considered as damage. Liability is determined according to general liability principles.

8. Storage of valuables and luggage, and liability

The hotel rooms are not equipped with safe deposit boxes for storing valuables. The hotel can store customers’ ordinary luggage at one’s own risk, since the hotel does not have a separate locked luggage room. The hotel is refusing to store exceptionally valuable items. The hotel is not liable for any damage or disappearance of a vehicle parked on the hotel parking lot or any items inside that vehicle. The hotel must state clearly enough on the parking lot that it is not a surveilled area and the hotel is not liable for customers’ possessions in that area.

9. Accommodating minors

In order to book a room at Haltia Lake Lodge, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you book a room for a minor, you are responsible for that person, whether you stay in the room with the minor or not. Minors under the age of 18 must have a permission document stating the minor’s name, date of birth and accommodation period signed by a parent or legal guardian. The name and phone number of a parent or legal guardian are also required.

10. Pets

Pets are welcome to our hotel. We will charge a pet fee of 15€ per pet per night. The maximum amount of pets per room is three (3). The hotel must be notified beforehand of any pets arriving to the hotel. A checked in customer is liable for their pet’s wellbeing and possible damages and expenses caused by their pet(s).

We reserve the right to changes.